Taylor Swift is the Universe

Taylor Swift is the Universe.  Over the past five years, she has completely dominated pop culture.  Album sales, movie roles, magazine covers, and social media impressions…she has done it all.  Hero too many, icon to all.  I don’t know anyone that doesn’t adore her. She is successful, she is marketable, and she is topical.  Obviously, I can relate.  In fact, Tay-Tay and I are pretty much the same person, since we both know Ali Krieger and all (call the Janitor for clean up, cause I’m dropping names.)   If I ever have a daughter, and I can’t name her Flo after Mr. Rida, then I am definitely naming her after The Swifter.

Since T Sizzles is officially my doppelganger, I thought it was only fitting that her songs serve as the inspiration for this blog.  Each song will serve as a starting point for some business related drivel inspired by the past few months.  Is it really relevant to integrateIT’s core competencies?  Not in the slightest.  But I figured if I named this Pulitzer winning piece after her, there was a change more than 10 people that don’t work for me would read it.  I should probably caveat this by saying that someone told me that all of T’s songs are about break-ups.  That would make for a pretty short blog, so we are going to reference song titles and go from there. Without further ado, here is My Bizness, the Taylor Swift edition.

Love Story- this is for you, US Census Bureau.  You were our first big Prime win.  Over the past two and a half years, we have done incredible things together.  We have transformed business practices, we have led revolutionary efforts.  You have even allowed us to add a few new friends to our team along the way.  It has been amazing.  You have allowed us to write the soundtrack of our company via past performance wins.  We love you.

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together- right back at you, US Census Bureau.  Apparently, breaking up with me out of nowhere wasn’t enough, you had to give me the “it’s not you, it’s me” speech as well.  Yeah, so you are consolidating a bunch of contracts to save the Organization time and money in the form of overhead dollars.  But I thought we were special.  Apparently not.  Our last performance will be in February 2016.

Shake It Off- How can I?  Losing you has hurt our core, and has forced us to make some very difficult decisions.  Our team members have had to move on.  We had to let our recruiter go.  It has been death by a thousand cuts. But what are we going to do?  We are going to pick ourselves up by the bootstraps, and we are going to move forward.  We are going to bid on new efforts at your Agency.  We are going to join teams as a Subcontractor.  And we are going to go out with the same class and style that brought us to the dance to begin with.

Tim McGraw- I have seen him in concert twice.  Hot wife.  Moving on.

You Belong With Me- over the past three months, we have been blessed to add five new members to our team.  Each resource brings their own unique background and talents, and will allow integrateIT to diversify its playlist.  We look forward to making music with you.

White Horse- never heard of this song before, but Google said that T Money sings it. Our team continues to put its best foot forward by giving back to the community.  Over the past few months our team has contributed to several great causes. We took part in Christmas in April, where we helped to rebuild a home for a tenant that could no longer do it themselves.  We have sponsored several great charities, to include Wounded Warriors, Kyle’s Camp, and The Cure Starts Now foundation. We can’t wait to dance with new partners over the remainder of the year.

Teardrops on My Guitar- we were touched to be voted the #10 best medium sized company to work for in WMA by the Washington Business Journal. Truly an incredible honor, one that was only made possible by having the best team in the industry.  Awards don’t often interest me, but this is one I am extremely proud of.  Even though we have made “the list” for the past three years, it never gets old.

Blank Space- our open canvas to write our future.  Our hard work has enabled us to become industry leaders in the realm of project and portfolio management.  Our proposal pipeline is solid; our teaming partners are growing.  Our team is strong, and we continue to provide the customer with exceptional value.  Our future is ours to write, our past is ours to reflect on.  I know that our next albums will be amazing.