Put Your Phone Down

Over the last few years, I have learned that time management is of the utmost importance.  Being a father, a husband, and a business owner are all full time jobs.  When you add in my ridiculous social calendar (it’s tough being so cool and having so many friends), monthly WWE pay per view events, semi regular hilarious Facebook postings, and bi-weekly golf outings, there isn’t much time left for…..anything.  And oh yeah, Jen and I are welcoming our second child next week.

Father. Husband. Business Owner.  Three full time jobs, each listed in descending order of importance.  The issue is at times (and if you ask my wife, WAY too many times) I prioritize running the company at the expense of being present for family time.  The key word there is present- as in- not checking my email at Chuck-E-Cheese or while we are relaxing in front of a family movie. 

It is very difficult for me to detach from the company.  Every email to me demands immediate response and is THE most important email of all time.  I’ve found myself telling my wife more times than I can count that I will “come back” to the present just as soon as I finish another email.   If I don’t reply to an employee concern immediately I cannot shake the guilt.  What will they think if I don’t get back to them within 5 minutes?  Will they think I don’t care about them?  Will a potential teaming partner rescind an offer if I don’t get back to them ASAP? 

The answer is….it can wait. 

Unless one of my kids starts the next One Direction, chances are I’m going to be working for the next 30 years.  This means 30 more years of employee emails, customer complaints, and proposal data calls.  Unfortunately, Jake is only going to be 4 years old for another 6 months.  I have roughly 3 years left before he realizes I am not as awesome as I think I am. Our new son is going to have so many “firsts” over the next year…moments I don’t want to miss because I am preoccupied with another email.

I won’t change overnight, but I will try. It will make me a better Father, a better Husband…and ultimately a better Business Owner.